Zane's sound is characterized by his deep expressive voice and electric baritone guitar, which features heavily on his tracks. Catchy hooks combined with innovative arrangements, creative recording and electronic sounds give Zane's music a unique character. His fresh sound and charisma has secured him attention of promoters in

Berlin, warming up at a

sold out show for

Sheppard and

recording as a

featured artist for

Chi Thanh and

MC Fitti.

Outside the world of music, Zane writes poetry, advocates for social and environmental justice, is involved in the gay community since early years growing up with gay parents and has written about his experience as a street musician

for Shlur magazine.

"What an amazing performer, everybody loved him! Will definately book him again!"

–Jacqueline Freundorfer (Marley Spoon)


"This Zane guy is gonna be huge... wow."

–  Manuel Caballero (Voleur de couleurs)


​​​​​​​​Zane is a musician with a story to tell. From teenage years busking the streets of Vancouver, Zane has traveled the world, lived outside with punks, meditated for months on end, volunteered in Nicaragua, and played in the bars, trains and streets of Berlin where he recorded his premier EP Les Biens with Rob Willis. Back in Canada, Zane has since recorded Likeness House,  Empire

Desert Blossom, and Twilight reflecting on seven brilliant years exploring the world with his exwife.